Prior to the beta release of our (tentative name) QLASS-> CLIPPER, we are looking for users of beta products. We welcome instructors with specialized skills, tips and know-how in the fields of crafts, handmade and geeks.

(Provisional name) QLASS-> The CLIPPER platform allows you to open your own courses. You can find students, teach special skills for them, and offer co-instructors who run the courses together. This is a platform service seems like Rakuten or Amazon services, which allows you to deliver them to the world.
We can offer free courses and paid courses.

  • The beta version is completely free! ☆ Free ☆
  • You may have small bugs or problems when using it because it is currently under development.
  • We ask for keeping it to confidential regarding the operation contents and usage screens of system services.
  • At the time of the product version release, the course of the beta users will be prioritized by publicity (* ^ ^ *)
  • And we will give you the benefit of using the paid functions for free of charge for a certain period of time.
  • We will assist users who have applied and registered to make the video shooting and the course content.

If you are interested, please contact us from below.

(contact mail)
(Title) CLIPPER beta users recruitment
+ Your name, your organization
+ Contact E-mail
+ Overview of the course you want to teach and your skills
※ We would be grateful if you could send us a screen or picture of your work.

The application content will be reviewed. However, just we confirm whether the field is crafts, hobbies, your own field of expertise, or not.
Feel free to inquiry. Thank you.